I can die happy.

j.hud robin thicke

Last night, I went to see Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke at the Wamu Theatre in Madison Square Garden with my dear gay George. I really don’t know how I am going to blog about it because NO WORDS can describe how phenomenal that show was. It started with very fresh DJ who really got his target audience (strong black women, men who want to date those women, women who are dating those women and… of course, the gays). Then came Robin Thicke whos falsetto voice paired with his pelvic thrusts really turned up the sexual energy in the room. A proposal was involved right before his hit “Lost Without You.”

Then…. JESUS!…. i mean JENNIFER!!!!

Jennifer came out in a blazer with a strong shoulder, a sparkle top, faux leather leggings, and black wedges (you already know how i feel about that). That diva got out there and owned the stage. Not forgetting her Dreamgirls roots she performed FOUR songs from the movie. But the highlight of the evening was her “DIVA MEDLEY” which included “Sweet Thing” by Chaka Khan. After her tribute to the divas before her, she said “and now there’s ME!”

A true diva claims it. When she wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, she sees a DIVA.


After last night, I can say that even with everything Ms. Hudson has been through, she is not going anywhere. She is a star and she is here to stay.
foot note: Lesbians love J.Hud.


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