this needs to stop


Dear Christina,

I know that with every album, you commit to a theme. And I love that about you. You pick a look and you run with it. With Stripped, you did your ‘I’m raunchy and I don’t care‘ look; with Back to Basics, you did this ‘20s-30s glam‘ look which was fun. But now…


you are biting. You are not Lady Gaga. Honestly, you are better. You have an amazing voice and it needs to be shown off. You can’t do that with over-saturated techno/pop. Can we get back to something fun and some good music. Stripped was still you best ‘era.’ If you could channel that… that would be great.


In July 2008 Christina said this about her new album. “I can tell you that this record is all about fun. I’ll be referencing Pop art, Andy Warhol’s art. So it will [sound] fun and fast-paced, and visually, it will be full of color”

Cool, Christina. But let’s not get it twisted.
I’m a fan but your losing me.

foot note: Sia is writing songs for her… huh?


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  1. crazy bitch.

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