Yo, where the brotha by my side at?

Last night I watched a classic and historical film. I am sure you are all familiar with it.

Carmen: A Hip Hopera

Carmen: A Hip Hopera was a made-for-TV movie by MTV in 2001. It stars many young black artists on the beginning of their acting careers such as: Beyonce, Mos Def, Mekhi Phifer, Wyclef Jean, Joy Bryant and Lil’ Bow Wow.

This movie is heaven on earth.  I got really into it.  Being that I am one the biggest Beyonce fan’s walking this earth, I am no stranger to her first feature film (I know every word).  But this time my entire view of her character, Carmen, completely changed.

I always thought that Carmen was just a young girl who was pursuing Hill (Mekhi Phifer) from jump.  I thought that she really cared for him, but flipped the switch when she realized that close to death in the scene/song, The Cards Never Lie. But now I feel differently.  I think Carmen was using Hill and never really had a plan.   She just knew that she wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress and everyday she did what she had to to get closer to that goal.  I now she her seduction of Hill during her arrest as an act of desperation and not a strategy to get her man.  Carmen never trusted anyone and played everyone from the beginning, even before she left Hill for the rapper BLAZE.


On a completely different note, this movie is SO REAL.   It seems more BET than MTV to be honest.  The Academy Awards must not know about this Beyonce or society is extremely forgiving of B.   In 2001, Beyonce was a 19 year old, hood girl from Houston.  Age  is easy to forget the way Carmen Jones and even Destiny’s Child carried themselves at the time.  She might not have had a breakdown like so many of her stars of her generation, but she has really come a long way.


Love you B!  But you got to laugh about this one.


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  1. funny how this is on your blog. i thought if it the other day.

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