Move over Pepsi… Apple is here.

Today, in one of my classes, we were discussing men and their impulsive spending habits.  While discussing the pros and cons of the menswear industry and how it is on the verge of big changes, we somehow stumbled on the the topic of men and their love for gadgets and electronics. My professor, a gadget-happy man himself, went into an anecdote which kinda blew my mind. Here are the highlights:



No, not like edible apples. Apple Inc. Products and related accessories. These vending machines can be found anywhere from the men’s section of the Harold Square Macy*s to the hallways of many airports. These machines carry the standard iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod shuffle as well as many bonuses such as AirPort Express, iPod speakers, video games and various headphones. On top of that, some of these machines provide Canon digital cameras and other expensive electronics.


How do they work? Well, it’s almost too easy. You simply type in the item you want on the attached touch screen and insert your credit card. Like the newer soda vending machines, a tray will rise to you items and carry it on a mini conveyor belt to a side opening where you can pick it up. It prints a receipt and you are good to go. We discussed how these machines are geared towards men to prey on their impulsive and often excessive spending habits, especially in the electronic department.


So if you want to avoid those friendly nerds in the matching t-shirts hustling you to buy AppleCare or a “iPod sock,” make your way to the nearest Apple Vending Machine. It’s almost too easy… and a little dangerous.


2 Responses

  1. Do you have any hi-rez version of the above pics? Email if you can.

  2. vending machines are great pieces of technology that we enjoy today, they are made for the purpose of giving us convenience `

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