Ashanti? …really?


On my commute to school Friday, I picked up the handy-dandy AMNY newspaper. As I was flipping through it, I saw a tiny blurb that made me gasp out loud on the subway car.

It read:

Ashanti to play the role of Dorothy in ‘The Wiz’

I was in shock, for a number of reasons. Just so you know, The Wiz is tied with Dreamgirls as my favorite musical. Not the movie, the show. I grew up with the music. I have seen many productions and I know it like the back of my hand. I heard a while back that they were reviving The Wiz* the on Broadway, but I had not heard anything further…. until now.


I have mixed emotions. For one, I am so excited to hear The Wiz is coming back to Broadway. But I am not sure about the casting of Ashanti. Now I don’t want to bash anyone on my blog, but I need to say how I feel. I loved Ashanti, when she first came out. I thought she was fresh and her self-titled debut album is an R&B classic that I can still rock to. But more recently, Ashanti has fallen off. Her lasted album, The Declaration, flopped on the charts.  We have also seen her act in movies like John Tucker Must Die and Coach Carter. But I am going to keep it real. To me, Ashanti has yet to prove  herself as good singer, dancer or actress. The role of Dorothy is the lead and extremely demanding vocally and I don’t know if she can do it. I hope she proves me wrong.


Now, If I had to cast the role of Dorothy for the theater revival of The Wiz, I would choose… Tiffany Evans. Tiffany is an adorable 16-year-old songstress from the Bronx. You may remember her winning Star Search a few years ago when she sang ‘And I am Telling You’ with such power that Jennifer Hudson would have some competition.  She has the vocal ablility, dancing skills and stage presence for Broadway. Not to mention, the role as Dorothy in The Wiz’s orginial production is what made then 16-year-old Stephanie Mills a R&B star of the 80’s.


I am nervous, but excited. And I will definitely be seeing the show, at least once. I have faith in their choices, even though I don’t necessarily agree. The Wiz will be playing at City Center for a limited engagement from June 12 – July 5th. Tickets range from $25-$110. Click here for more info.

*foot note: for those of you know who don’t know, The Wiz is basically the black version of The Wizard of Oz with all soulful songs.


4 Responses

  1. […] production of The Wiz at the young age of 16.  That is why I recommended Tiffany Evans in an earlier post.  Below is a video of the talented Jasmine Sullivan at age 11 singing The Wiz’s showstopper […]

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  3. that is a very cute picture and you got talent i love all of your songs and pics.

  4. i like this is think tiffany should do this wiz of oz movie i do not like the other girl i like her but she should not do the wiz of oz movie but it is up to the movie guy and that is that tiffany can u email me at or or call me at 3345245554 i am a good singer thanx and i luv u byby!!!

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