The Roof! The Roof!

This past Friday, I went on an adventure to retrieve my lost cell phone with my dear friend Brittany.  We had to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) to meet the angel who returned it.  Once we got my phone back we decided to walk around.  After skimming through the classic paintings of the Middle Ages and Medeval times, we made our way to the roof.

Brittany and I

Every summer, the MET displays modern artists’ sculptures that are larger than life.  The Roof Garden serves as an incredible canvas for these pieces with a backdrop of Central Park and the midtown skyline.  This year the MET is profiling Maelstorm, an amazing piece by American artist Roxy Paine.  This interactive piece is made completely of stainless steel.


Maelstorm seems to have a life of its own.  The word itself means a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water.  The branches of the sculpture reach every corner of the roof and aim for the sky. They even squeeze their way into panels of wood.  Paine even worked in the water outlets.  I was very impressed.

Water Maelstrom

It rained on and off that day so the sky gave the sculpture and hunting, ere quality.  The hard cutting lines of steel against the green of Central Park is clearly planned and beautifully executed.


Maelstorm Skyline

If you get a chance to go to the MET, make your way to the roof.  Maelstorm will be on display from April 28th through October 25th (weather permitting).  You might see me there!


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