Shuffle ruins things!

I have been working around the clock this weekend on final projects and term garments.  Every year it comes down to these sleepless nights on the last week of the semester.  The only thing that gets me through, besides 5-hour-energy drinks, is my iPod.  I depend on that little piece of heaven to keep me in the zone.


To keep it fresh, I  tried a feature I rarely use on my iPod, Album Shuffle.  Instead of skipping randomly from song to song, my iPod will play an entire album, in its correct order, then move onto another random album.  To stay focused, I made a pact to myself to not touch my iPod and to listen to whatever came on.


After some of my favorite albums came on including: Destiny’s Child’s The Writing’s On The Wall and Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, it occurred to me that I have been missing something in this music.  The order and layout of the album.


Artists take time to layout an album.  They think about the order and the story or message they want to convey.  When I was younger and listened to CD’s or even cassettes, I was more forced to listen to an album in sequence and in its entirety.  Now a days, that is a rare occasion.  The iPod makes it so easy to skip songs I am not feeling.  I even find myself discarding “intros,” “outros” and skits as I upload new music to my iTunes, because they are annoying in a shuffle.


But these are what make albums great.  They make albums flow and tell a story.  They keep your attention and really get a point across.  Whether is the funny monologues on Kanye West’s The College Dropout, or the profound dialogue of school children and their thoughts on “Love,” these inserts make an album special and iPod’s shuffle has numbed us to that.


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