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I am so excited for Precious, formally know as Push: Based on a novel by Sapphire. This movie looks incredible.  It’s introducing Gabby Sidibe as Precious and she is really bringing it.  But the breakout-star is Mo’Nqiue.  She has been raking in the awards and receiving great reviews for this role.  It is a big step up from Hair Show and Phat Girlz.  The movie won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and has Oprah’s stamp of approval.  The cast is full of a weird mix of actors who haven’t really had a chance to shine, including Paula Patton (Idlewild & Deja Vu) and Mariah Carey (Glitter), but the mix seems to work.  I hope they hold this movie until Oscar season cause it is looking like a good contender.  Plus, that gives me time to read the book.

The Girlfriend Experience is something I came across on Apple Trailers.  I know nothing of the film or the people in it, but the trailer was so interesting.  I was blown away.  It was clever and very well edited.  The star Sasha Grey, is an acclaimed adult film star who is making her debut in a mainstream film. If the movie is anywhere near as fascinating, I will see it.

Little Ashes is going to be nuts.  I cannot quite figure out how I feel about it.  It is Robert Pattinson‘s chance to prove he himself as a talented young actor, maybe the next Leo, and NOT a typecast for every tween romantic comedy.  Twlight put him on that map but if he wants Hollywood to take him seriously, he has to wow us here.  Playing Salvador Dali can go really right, or really wrong.  He seems to have picked a good role (Hollywood loves a straight playing a gay), but can he follow through?  The preview looks weird, and a little anti-climatic.  I hope I’m not disappointed.

Finally, Nine looks like heaven.  It is basically everything I live for in a Hollywood movie musical.  It looks like a combo of everything I love from Moulin Rouge mixed with everything I love from Chicago and Dame Judi Dench to seal the deal.  It is over flowing with Academy Award winners so the fact that Fergie is in it throws me off.  This also look like an Oscar contendor, so I am sure we will not be seeing it in theatre for a while.  This is high on my list.


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