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This past week is always an exciting time in my life. Not only am I not sleeping trying to finish final projects and exams, but it is Season Finale week for network T.V. And though you may not know it, I follow a lot of T.V. (thanks to the internet).

Grunge vintage television

This weekend I caught up on my shows and I have been disappointed. None of my shows have really wowed me with their story lines. Cliff-hangers have been mediocre if that. I was hoping for better.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the final episodes for the shows listed below, you might want to stop reading now.


My two comedies pulled through for me. 30 Rock: “Kidney Now!”was funny as always, nothing too special. The 10+ celebrity cameos were cool and Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin were hilarious as always, but it was no different from any other episode.

Jim Pam Dwight

The Office: “Company Picnic” was cute. The Office has really been holding up well for a comedy on TV. I do not think it is as funny as past seasons, but that is to be expected. The twist of Jim & Pam being pregnant was a fun way to end it. And Holly and Michael still got it. It was simple, well directed and not over the top.

Michael and Kevin

Now my “dramas” have not done it for me. The highly anticipated Season Finale of Grey’s Anatomy had me so excited. Izzie (Katherine Heigl) was supposed and George (T.R. Knight) was rumored to be leaving the show as well. Izzie had had horrible cancer so that was clearly her exit stradgey but we had heard nothing about George leaving. The past episodes have been really emotional with Izzie’s wedding and her mother visitng, so I had high hopes for this one. Instead I was not too impressed with that story line.

Izzy & Alex

They were not fooling anyone by making it seem like Izzie would recover. The episode seems entirely too light, considering it was puplicized that Heigl was leaving the show. The twist of George being ‘John Doe’ and dying, while we thought we would be living the show by joining the Army was excellent and well played. It all happened so fast though, I wish that Knight and Heigl had more screen time since it was their final episode.


Desperate Housewives has really let me down lately. I have been a fan since season one, but now I am not interested. The plot lines are going in circle and characters are at a stand still. It is to the point where I am checking my phone, hoping that the painful episode is almost over.

Picture 1

In this season finale, the ‘big climax’ was Dave Williams and his plan on revenge against Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Mike by killing their 3-year-old son MJ. Sounds way more exciting than it was. SURPRISE, the writers punked out! Everyone is alive and well, and Dave Williams is in a mental hospital. Lynette is pregnant…again. Bree is sleeping with Karl and Gabby has a new teenager. Nothing interesting. No cliffhanger. I might stop watching the show.


All I know is I have a few more finales left, and I hope they are good. If not I will be reconsidering my T.V. schedule for next fall.

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