RUN to the MET

Model as Muse

Finally saw Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I blogged about it even before seeing it because I was so excited. The actually result was phenomenal. I was blown away. Every detail from the music and lighting to the avant-garde hair on the mannequins was flawless. I could go everyday.


I feel like my 20th Century Style and Design professor Michael Casey produced this exhibit himself. It felt like a giant review of the course. I am happy that I was knowledgeable going into it, because many famous garments from iconic fashion photos are not displayed with the image. The exhibit is great if you are not familiar with fashion history, but is extraordinary if you are.

Above is a clip from the film Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?. This clip is featured in the exhibit when talking about the models and fashion of the 1960’s. At 4:12 Donyale Luna (one of my favorite models of all time) is seen and she looks impeccable. She took my breath away. The metal garments in the film are displayed at the museum.


Overall, I would highly recommend this exhibit. Not only does it show of classic garments from the past and present, but it profiles the canvas’. The models. You might me surprised at how much you already know.

Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion is running from May 6, 2009–August 9, 2009 in the Tisch Galleries on the 2nd floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hurry!


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