Loved Lovespring.

Lovespring International

I doubt too many people are familiar with this but I loved this show called Lovespring International.  It was absolutely hilarious.  For those of you who do not know Lovespring International was a T.V. show which aired on Lifetime in the summer of 2006.  Sadly it was cancelled in December 2006.


I loved this series.  I was like The Office meets Reno 911.  What made me love it was it was an improvisational show.  The cast members had out of control characters and just pushed each other to the max. Plus Jane Lynch is involed and she is always hysterical.

LSI Sean Hayes

Every episode has a guest star who was trying to be matched up.  My favorite episode guest started Sean Hayes (Jack from Will and Grace) who was cannibal who ate his ex-wife and was looking for a new match.  Heaven.

I think Lovespring might have done well on a different network.  It was not for the Lifetime target audience.  It was a SO funny and I miss it so much!  If you haven’t seen Lovespring International, check it out!  Click here for the entire season.



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