It’s too big. It’s too wide.

Yesterday, Beyoncé released her new video for her latest single “Ego” off her album I Am…Sasha Fierece (Deluxe Edition). “Ego” is one of my favorite songs off the album. I had high hopes for this video, and now I have mixed emotions.

The first time I watched this video, I loved it. I always love black and white music videos. The choreograhy is great. It’s simple, sexy and very girl group inspired. The video also goes along with “Single Ladies (Put A RIng On It)” and “Diva.” Both in black and white and both with Beyoncé surrounded by two back up dancers on either side. I get it Bey. And I like it, but I wanted something more.


I would have loved to see a story line or some silent acting in this video. The remix that is hitting the radio is featuring Kanye West. It would have been fun to see them together in the video. Maybe a play on the “anything you can do i can do better” cliche? Just something fun. I am not opposed to the choreography and I love that the videos are a “collection” but I want Beyoncé to mix it up.


Once again Beyoncé is releasing a remix album and a music video anthology called Above and Beyoncé Video Collection and Dance Mixes. She did this previously for B’Day where she made a video virtually for every song on the album. This time around Beyoncé only has 7 videos on her anthology. 5 of these videos have already been released, so I am not too excited.

Above and Beyonce

Although I LOVE Bey, she has been playing people lately. If you are still interested, Above and Beyoncé will be available at Wal-Mart everywhere and J&R Music stores in New York City beginning June 16.


2 Responses

  1. I’m getting the sense that they are tryna save money with these types of videos. I’m no expert on the cost but it must be way less than some of her BEST vids.

    OH and i love her hair

  2. Seriously…I saw it and never liked it…I get that she has some type of trilogy going on….but really…how could she ruin EGO!!! This was my all time fav on the album and she ruined it! All she had to do was talk Jay and ask where in Brooklyn she should have taped it…I mean she needed to get hood…Bedstuy, Marcy Projects…even Harlem would have been enough! I am completely disappointed…Can someone say Deja Vu…another b&w video in a leotard from Bey…that’s all I have to say!!! YAWNNNN

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