I’m a FANG-banger.


I have picked up watching True Blood on HBO on-line and I must say, it is fantastic.  It really caught me off guard.  I have always loved the advertising for the show.  Before season 1 aired, they showed a “news special” on HBO between movies about how Vampires were coming out of the closet and fighting for a Vampire rights amendment.  This was all thanks to this new Japanese blood substitute called Tru Blood.  It was so random and convincing I found myself questioning my beliefs of Vampires.

trueblood cmcl

I thought True Blood was this sexy show that took place in a big city, but I was wrong.  The fact that it take place in a small town in Louisiana makes the story line so much more interesting.  True Blood is very well put together.  The intro is so fresh.  All the characters are crazy (Lafayette is one of the best characters on T.V.).  The show is very sexy and visually intense and each episode leaves you on the edge of your seat.


Hollywood is loving a vampire right now.  I am sure it is not coincidence that this show came out during the Twilight phenomenon.  Although Twilight and True Blood are very different, they have many of the same qualities.  Both have a lead, human girl who, regardless of the danger, falls in love with a sexy Vampire.  Both Bella and Sookie and relatable but often come off as annoying.  There are many overlaps in the details about the vampires from each series as well as the story lines.

twlight vs. true blood

One of the key reasons I like True Blood more than Twilight is it is more adult.  It goes there.  Twlight has this whole undertone of abstinence with sexual tension.  True Blood is more no-holds-barred.  I am half way through season 1 and there has yes to be a celibate episode.  True Blood also incorporates other issues, like equality, racism, drug addiction and more.  Although it can be a lot, it is a very smart, well written show.  I hope Season 2 can keep this good thing going.

season 2

footnote:  If you haven’t seen The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer yet, it looks really good.  I have to give props to Taylor Lauter.  He’s not even 18, but he did what he had to do (add 30 pounds of muscle) to keep his role as Jacob Black in this flim.  This movie will be huge.  Smart kid.


4 Responses

  1. You should check out the books if you like the show. They’re a lot different, but v good =)

    • so i’ve heard. I think I will

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  3. Season two is 10x better than season one on Trueblood. Oh my god. I cant wait for Sundays!

    To me the books arent nearly as good as the show. The HBO writers are genius, to me the books seem more juvenile.

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