The 1 2 watch


Looks like D.C. is getting a rap star. Yesterday, Rapper Wale (Pronounced Wahh-lay) came out with his new music video for his single “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga.  I have been a Wale fan for a while.  A Mixtape about Nothing, based off the show Seinfeld is genius to me.

Mixtape about nothing

Wale is a Washington D.C. native and reps it to the fullest.  He was recently signed to Interscope records and managed by Roc Nation.  His debut album titled Attention Deficit is set to come out this fall.  Wale takes a lot of pride in D.C. and incorporates the local music, such as G0-Go and Baltimore Club Music, into his beats and rhymes.


When I first heard the song “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga, I was not blown away.  It is not my favorite Wale song, but if it gets him into the Hip Hop spotlight then more power to him.  I was concerned that the video would have a strong focus on Lady Gaga because she is so big right now, but it stays true to Wale and showcases the part of D.C. you don’t see on CNN (shout out to Ben’s Chili Bowl).


He is gradually becoming more well know.  He recently performed his new single on The Carson Daly Show.  Wale also has a new mixtape called Back to the Feature which will be released later this month.  I think he is making some smart choices with his career and I cannot wait to see what he does.  He is very clever and talented and deserves success. Wale is the 1 2 watch.


3 Responses

  1. i like the original version without lady gaga a little better. i’m sure interscope wanted to throw on a pop-chart artist on his track to make it more “radio-friendly”.

    wale = real hip-hop. he’s not going to do lil’ wayne numbers but he’s gonna get credit where he deserves it. thats all that matters.

  2. […] (one of my favorite tracks on her mixtape).  Below is a video of Nicki and former 1 2 watch Wale going at it.  […]

  3. That’s hilarious, Wale is not from DC, I went to high school with him. It was on the outskirts of Potomac MD full of a bunch of rich white kids who drove fancy cars their parents bought them.

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