“Your language is offensive”

Last night I saw The Hangover.  Here’s my review:


It was too funny.  I wasn’t ready.  I thought the preview looked kind of funny, but in the back of my head it just reminded me of another Dude, Where’s My Car? My initial thought process was, “a tiger in a hotel room… really?”  I thought it would be some over the top, corny movie.  But it is one of those movies that is so insane, you cannot show that much in preview.  It is a crazy ride, but it works.


There is nothing I would really change about that movie.  All the characters were hilarious.  It was well written so I never lost interest.  I really liked the casting.  If you follow comedic movies, the faces are familiar, but there were no “stars” like a Seth Rogen or a Will Ferrell, which helped you focus on the characters.

Zach the Hangover

My favorite character was “Alan,” who was played by Zach Galifianakis.  He really was on point with his physical comedy as well as his one-liners.  The always funny Ken Jeong (the Asian gyno in Knocked Up) had a small role, but had me rolling.

the hangover still

Overall, I would highly recommend this film.  It is the best comedy I have seen in theatres in a while.  I can’t speak for Land of the Lost, but this is a sure thing.  I can’t really see how you couldn’t like it.


footnote:  the ending credits are heaven.


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