Back to Wonderland


If you haven’t already heard, Tim Burton is recreating the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland.  The film is due for release in March 2010 and I am so excited.  The movie will mix live action and CGI and to top it all off, it’s in 3D!  The cast is full of amazing actors who are all a little off their rocker.  This week, the first pictures from the film were released and they are unbelievable.

This version of Alice in Wonderland is a little different than Lewis Carroll’s novel and past film adaptations.  This time we have a 17-year-old Alice who is returning to Wonderland 10 years later.  This time around it is a more of a nightmare than a dream.



Tim Burton usually doesn’t fail me.  His work is always visually stunning and haunting.  I am hoping for a masterpiece.


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