Britian knows America.

America's Got Talent

So I walked in on the season premiere of America’s Got Talent and I was glued to the T.V.  I do not love this show, but I cannot deny, it is very entertaining.  I walked in a man swinging weights from a hook in his sinus.  I saw fire tricks, bad impressions, an amazing sister girl group.  There were even a group of 30 grown men in jeans doing the “Single Ladies” dance.  It is so random, and so weird.  And like any good T.V. show, the ending almost brought me to tears.


But here is my question…

How most the judges on America’s Got Talent are NOT AMERICAN.  The judges for this season are Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.  Both Sharon and Piers are British.  Hasselhoff is from Maryland, but he is almost more related to Germany (due to this singing career) than American.  Sure Simon Cowell (also British) is the creat0r of both Britian’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, but can we get American judges.  I keep hearing Sharon and Piers yelling “This is what American is all about!” or “American DOES have talent!”  Really?  Your not American.


Now.  Nick Cannon.  Out of control.  I am not sure how he became the host of this show, but I am not sure it was a good idea.  He is occasionally funny, but often annoying.  He is also real flamboyant.  I don’t know if it is “on stage” Nick Cannon, or just the way he is.  I have my own theories about Mariah and Nick Cannon’s marriage, but I won’t go into that right now.

Nick Cannon

All I know is, this season on America’s Got Talent looks crazy, entertaining and fun.  I probably will not watch this show but, if you like a T.V. talent search then you will like this season of America’s Got TalentAmerica’s Got Talent airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 9/8c.


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