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I went to Beyonce’s I AM… Tour at Madison Square Garden.  I am going to get into that later.  I am so blown away I need to get it together.  Beyonce had no act opening for her for most of her European tour, but the American leg added the new girl group Richgirl.

Richgirl Members

I am sold.  Richgirl consists of four young ladies:  Seven, Lyndriette, Audra and Brave.  I cannot pick a favorite yet, but I can say Brave is a diva in the making.  She worked that stage.  Lyndriette is so beautiful with an amazing voice.


Richgirl has not be on the map for very long at all.  Their first single, “24’s (feat. Bun B)”was released in February of this year.  I wasn’t aware of the Richgirl until their latest single “He Ain’t With Me Now (Tho),” which my friend Tiffany introduced me too.  The song is fire.  The beat is slammin’.  I’m a fan.

Richgirl Gold

Their style as a group is a mix between En Vogue and the original Destiny’s Child.  En Vogue because all the girls can sing and do on the track.  People are calling Lyndriette a “mini-Beyonce.”  I don’t know about all that, but I can see it.

Richgirl is very new and ‘wet behind the ears.’  That comes across in their live show.  They only performed their two singles and an a capella version of “Over the Rainbow” to ‘prove’ their vocal talent.  It is obvious that someone threw this group together to get them ready to open for Beyonce, but I loved every minute of it.  I think with this exposure, they can do some great things.  Richgirl is the 1 2 watch.


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  1. ummm…what’s with the eye patch?

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