I AM… still not over it.


On Monday night, I went to see Beyoncé’s I Am… Tour at Madison Square Garden.  I am sure you know, I am a huge Beyoncé fan.  I have seen her in concert five times.  This tour was by far her best yet. 

WARNING: Spoilers!


Beyoncé is always amazing live.  Because she is one of the few artists who actually sing for her entire two hour show, she doesn’t usually do it big with sets and props.  This tour was still pretty simple compare to the Britney Spears Circus Tour, but it went up a notch in production from the past tours.  The stage was set up as a traditional stage at one end of Madison Square Garden with a mini, diamond shaped stage in the middle of the audience on the floor. The entire backdrop was a massive screen which allowed for some great images to compliment songs, or an excellent live feed of the action on stage.

Some highlights of the show for me, were the intro, where she sang a second of “De-ja Vu”, went into “Crazy in Love” and was accompanied by her husband Jay-Z (who performed his own song “Give it to Me”).

beyonce in a wedding dress

My favorite song of Beyoncé’s new album is “Hello”, and the live version was phenomenal. Also her rendition of “Video Phone” was amazing.  She did not sing a bit of the song.  Instead, her and her male and female dancers did a provocative chair dance involving a live feed on a video phone projected on the screens around the stadium.


But the moment where I thought my knees would give out was when Beyoncé rose out of the floor and stood on stage in a long glitter dress and began singing the beginning of “Baby Boy”.  When the beat dropped she FLEW into the air with a never ending train of the dress following her into the sky.  Once she reached the top of the arena, the extra fabric fell and left her floating in the air in a beautiful sparkle mini-dress.  She proceed to fly over the crowd, doing flips and tricks like a Cirque-de-Soleil performer until she landed on the island in the middle of the crowd.  Video below (:30)


At this point Beyoncé has so many songs/singles that she can’t perform them all and still promote her newest album.  There were many songs I wanted to hear that I didn’t such as: “Ring The Alarm” and “Dangerously in Love.”  But she did do “At Last” and did a montage of the past March on Washington and the present inauguration of Barack Obama,


Therry Mugler’s costumes were out of control.  They really added a Vegas like element to the show.  Although some of the costumes were over the top, everything worked together.



Overall however, I was blown away.  I could keep writing, but if I do I am sure people won’t read this.  Just go by tickets if they are still avaliable in your city.  If not, buy the DVD.  I know I will.



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