Heart Broken Records


Today, Roger Federer went where no man has before.  He broke the all time record for most Grand Slams won by one man, defeating Pete Sampras’s 14 wins.  Today he won his sixth Wimbledon Singles Title and his 15th Grand Slam Win over Andy Roddick. This was the epic match I have been waiting for.  The Williams sisters final did not live up to expectation.


Roger Federer has been called the greatest of all time. But he did not start as the classy composed tennis immortal he is today.  He started as a foul-mouthed, hot headed emotional mess on the court.  He was clearly talented, but could not get his head together.  I remember when I was younger at the 2000 US Open, we were watching Roger play on the practiced courts and you could hear the profanity after every missed shot from off the court.  It was embarrassing.


Now he is untouchable.  He is a world icon and truly the greatest of our era, if not of all time.  The Swiss Native beat Andy Roddick in another memorable, record-breaking Wimbeldon Final, 5-7 7-6 7-6 3-6 16-14.  This became the longest fifth set in any final of any Grand Slam.


Andy Roddick played impeccably the entire tournament and I was rooting for him.  Andy Roddick has never won Wimbeldon, but has taken home the second prize 3 times.  I know this lost hurt and he was emotional during the presentation of the trophies.  Roddick has lost me as a fan in the more recent years, but after his amazing semifinal match defeating Andy Murray, he had my support in the final.  Roddick did everything right, but it still not enough.  The one time Andy Roddick lost his serve lost him the match.  It was the best tennis I have seen out of him and I hope that one day he gets the Wimbeldon title to himself.


Roger is a living legend.  It is appropriate for him to best friends with Tiger Woods.  They both are legends of their own sports and continue to break records.   Roger is completely deserving of this win and I am happy have lived in the era to see him play.

footnote:  Serena defeated Venus for her 3rd Wimbeldon title 7-6(3) 6-2.  The watch was not as exciting as I had hoped.  It was all about a serve.  The Williams sisters also won the Ladies Doubles 7-6(4) 6-4.


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  1. I must admit that I was going for Roger to win the tournament. However after seeing how well Roddick played to get to the final and then how much he was pushing Roger in the final, especially his serve, I switched to Andy’s camp. I really wished he won and am sure he would have if he only closed out that second set tie-break. It was heartbreaking to see the pain in his eyes after losing such an epic match. Congrats to Roger though, he is certaintly the best tennis player of all time in my eyes.

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