“Dolce & Gabbana… helllloooo”

Last night, I saw Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film Brüno.  Here is my review:


Warning: Mild Spoilers.

Hilarious.  Offensive. Embarrassing and out of control.  The movie was pretty short, but I couldn’t handle much more.  I love Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies because they really give you a chance to laugh at yourself.  Nothing is left out.  He targets a broad range of races, religions, gender and sexuality.  And it is really a commentary on society and it’s limits.  Because the majority of the people in the movie are not aware that this is Sacha Baron Cohen playing a role, you see how real people react.

Bruno & OJ

One of the most shocking parts of the film was not crazy sexual and homoerotic, but it was the Bruno vs.  the stage parents.  At one part of the film, Bruno auditions kids to be in a photo shoot along side his new baby OJ and he sits down for one on one interviews with the parents.  Bruno pushes these parents to the limit asking how far their children will go for the job including a toddler posing on a crucifix or child dressed as a Nazi pushing a wheelbarrow with a baby dressed as ‘a Jew’.  It was so uncomfortable to see these desperate parents pimp out their kids.  Almost as uncomfortable as Bruno’s talking urethra.


Overall, this movie was great.  I loved it.  It was a lot, but I loved it.  I would recommend this film.  I would recommend going into the theater with a good mindset, or you might hate it.  It is not different then Cohen’s last movie Borat, but he executes it well.  It is no Borat, but if you want to squirm in your seat, see Brüno.


footnote:  I would love to see the original ending, even though it was too offensive for American audiences.


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