The Half-Fresh Prince

This morning, at 12:15A.M.  I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Here’s my review.

Warning: Spoilers.


I have been hearing mixed reviews, but I thought it was very well done.  Like I said before, it was my least favorite book.  Because it is setting the reader up for the final novel, the plot is anti-climatic.  I thought the movie was very well directed.  The effects were great and I will go ahead and say, it was the prettiest Potter movie yet.


For a PG rating, the movie filled with sexual undertones.  Because there characters are 16 and very hormonal, there is a lot of focus on teenage infatuations, crushes and lust.  When Ginny kneels in front of hairy to tie his shoe lace and a random point in the film, the sold-out theater let out a “whoaaaaa” of suspense and shock.  They pushed it with this one.


If you did not know already, Dumbledore dies.  The movie has a lot to do with him.  In the book, I thought Dumbledore went out like a punk.  I had to go back and read it a couple times, cause it seemed lackluster.  The movie made his death more poetic and dramatic, but left out the battle that really is the climax of the movie.


The acting in these films has really grown.  Daniel Radcliffe did an excellent job.  Every since I saw him on Broadway in Eqqus, I have a greater respect for his acting abilities.  He was very good.


Overall, I would recommend this movie.  If you are a fan of the books, you will like it.  If you are not caught up with the movies, you maybe be lost.  It is confusing at times, but very entertaining.

footnote:  I love how Warner Bros. through in Dumbledore taking a knitting magazine. Yes Homo.


2 Responses

  1. threw in Dumbledore** just sayin

  2. Wee comments!

    Ok, just got home from seeing the movie, and I thought it was great. They really did a great job putting this together. And you’re right about the aesthetic of the film. I was reading in an article that there was a lot more to the shots. It was more colorful and brighter, much like the Amelie movie, however Warner Bros. made them tone it down.

    So I was shocked by the sexual comments thrown in here and there, but I thought it was hysterical and didn’t mind. “Dragon balls.” and “Did you and Ginny do it?!”
    BUT Ginny kneeling down infront of Harry apparently totally went over my head and the whole theatres’ because no one made a peep.

    Radcliffe was AMAZING. His acting abilities really went up and he was HYSTERICAL.
    The scene with Slughorn ::whispering in concern:: “Harry?!” ::responce with same whispering concern:: “Sir?!” I was dieing. The felix stuff was great.

    Ok and finally the only thing I didn’t like was the burrow fight scene. It doesn’t happen in the book and there was absolutely NO need for it in the film. My sister disagrees with me and thought it was fine, but they could have used those 3 minutes for something else, or just left it out.
    That scene does sort of happen in the 7th book but I really felt it was pointless and ruined the flow.

    Anyway this was mega long, and I’ll just repeat it all to you tomorrow. Can’t wait to see ya!

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