New POP Art

Chewing Gum Venice 1

My friend Brittany sent me this about a week ago, and it blew me away. I cannot stop thinking about it, and it made me say “I wish I could see them in person.”

Chewing Gum Venice 2

Chewing Gum Venice 3


But I can’t. This collection of ‘sculptures’ is called Chewing in Venice by Simone Decker . It turns out these were on display ten years ago. After doing some more research, I came to realize these ‘sculptures’ NEVER EXISTED. The art is the photography. A 2004 article of Canada’s Walrus Magazine quotes Decker saying:

I blew the biggest bubbles I could and then put the gum very close to the camera, about thirty centimetres away, to make it appear giant. Gum is such a common material that the contrast between these small wads of it and the big sculptures being shown at the biennale — and just the cultural weight of Venice — was great.

Chewing Gum Venice 4

After being so amazed by these pieces, I looked up Decker and saw more of her work.  It is all impressive.  She did a similar photography series with ice cubes in Paris.  I hope she has exhibition in New York City soon.  I’d would still love to see her work ‘”in person.” Below are some of my favorites.

Glacon in Paris

Glacon in Paris 2

Glaçon – Paris, 2001


NY-space – 2004
Wood, mirror, neon, one-way observation glass


Gent – 2005, S.M.A.K.
Retro-reflective tape and fabric (40 coats)


Filtre – 2006, CRAC Sète
Isolation tape


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