Oh, Esther.

This past Tuesday, I saw Orphan.  Here’s my review.


It was very good.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  The movie was so crazy and kept getting better.  It was one of the most exciting and fun scary movies I have seen in a long time.  Not to mention, hilarious at times.

"Orphan" 0161.CR2

Like any good “horror movie”, there was quite the twist at the end.  I won’t give it away, but it is out of control and a little over the top.  It kind of threw off the movie for me, but I still enjoyed myself.  In retrospect, it was less of a scary/horror movie and more of a thriller.  Nevertheless, it was well done.


The movie really covered a lot of issues including Alcoholism, Hearing Impairment, Religion, Immigration and more.   The plot was well written and move was pretty well acted.  The directing was great.  The filmmakers did a great job with the sound-effects and classic scary movie tricks.  There are at least 10 times where they do the “person in the mirror” or “something around the corner” trick with suspenseful music and there is nothing there.  It could come off as corny, but was very effective.


Overall, i would recommend this movie.  It was good and I definitely got my money’s worth.  For a good time, go see this movie.  Go in it open-minded because it might not be what you expect.


footnote: Here’s my question.  Do the kids in this movie, like Max played by seven year-old Aryana Engineer (too cute) go to the premiere or even see this graphic horror film that they starred in?


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  1. one of the last things xavi and i did before he left was read THIS entry… congrats, you somehow were involved with the bonding<3

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