Double Take.


Letoya Luckett released her new cover for her lastest solo album entitled Lady Love.  I think the album cover looks great and I am excited to see what she does with her sophomore album.


Letoya is a former member of Destiny’s Child and was kicked out/left the girl group and replaced with Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams  (Farrah left the group later).  As we all know, since the break-up of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has had a solo career that has broken records.  That being said, if I were Letoya, or any of the other Destiny’s Child alum for that matter,  I would do my best to seperate myself from Beyonce.  Letoya’s album cover reminded me of Beyonce’s album art of her latest CD I Am… Sasha Fierce.  That’s not good.


One Response

  1. whaaaaaaaaat
    that is just crazy.
    it’s not even similar… it’s literally the same album cover. are people stupid??? are the people working for the people stupid??
    that being said, excited for the album!!

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