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So, I accidently walked in on the Glee Mall Tour today at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, Virginia and I was instantly reminded about this amazing show.  I saw the pilot for Fox’s new show Glee earlier this summer and I immediately fell in love.  It is everything I love smashed into one show.

Picture 4

Glee is comedy/muscial television series that follows a show choir or ‘glee club’ in a fictional town in Ohio.  The music and choeography in the show is overwhelming and the young cast is incredibly talented.  It is very progressive and gay for Fox, but I am into it.


What really impresses me about Glee is the publicity this show is doing.  For a show that does not air until September, they have been pushing advertising since May.  The adds are attractive, colorful and clear and they are everywhere.  They made their Pilot episode free on and iTunes.   And they are making money off the music in the show.  The two “singles” released from the Pilot episode, the cast’s version of “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Rehab,” did very well on iTunes.


I am a huge Jane Lynch fan.  Literally any movie or show she is in, she steals the screen to me.  From Lovespring International to Role Models, I adore her.  And this is the perfect role for her.  I cannot think of someone to be a hilarious, strict cheerleading coach with a lesbian vibe.  The majority of the cast is young and relatively unknown, but all talented and fun.  Cory Monteith (cute), Amber Riley and Lea Michelle are the clear breakout starts.  I cannot wait to see wait they all do.


I cannot wait for Glee.  And judging by the line of fans waiting for the cast of a show that hasn’t even aired yet, I think this show will be a hit.  If you haven’t seen the Pilot yet, here is the link.  Tune into Fox on Wednesday, September 9th at 9pm.  I know I will!


footnote: the cast then followed Diana, Ayten and me to the Cheesecake Factory.  Glamazons.


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