United States of Toni.

Tonight, Toni Collette won the Emmy for Best Leading Actress in a Comedic Role and boy, did she earn it.  Her show United States of Tara on Showtime is phenomenal and despite the great cast, she truly carries the show.


Toni Collette plays Tara, a mom who has multiple personality disorder.  We follow her life in modern suburbia as she struggles to main any shred of normalcy while her family copes with her other personalities or ‘alters.’


Her ‘alters’ include T, a 16-year-old slut who holds nothing back; Buck, a raunchy, red-neck truck driver; Alice, the perfect housewife who seems to be stuck in the 1950’s and now Gimmy, an out of control animatistic creature who we are still trying to figure out.  Any ‘alter’ can appear at any time and Tara is completely lost in her own body.


The show itself is amazing and I am a huge fan.  I hope that this Emmy win will give the show a little more popularity so it will stay on air for longer.  I also hope they keep up the impeccable writing.  Everyone from the sassy young aunt to the sarcastic ‘old-souled’ gay son are written so well, I care as much about them as I do Tara.


If you haven’t already starting watching United States of Tara, you should.  It is one of my favorite shows.  Toni’s performance in the season finale where she switched from ‘alter’ to ‘alter’ with out costumes changes in a single scene and still remained convincing blew my mind.  I actually said “give her an emmy” while watching it.  United States of Tara will be returning to Showtime on January 18th.  And congratulations to Toni Collette.  Truly an Emmy well deserved.


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