Not enough Lying.

Last night I saw The Invention of Lying. Here is my review:

WARNING: Mild Spoilers.


This film was an amazing idea, but not well executed. If you are looking to see it, rent it in 5 months. I laughed out loud a lot in the beginning. The humor is very dry and a little dark, but I enjoy that.

Invention of Lying

The plot was a bit underdeveloped to me.  The plot seemed to be broken up into thirds. It begins with the world today if no one could tell a lie and says exactly what they are thinking. This worked great in the beginning of the film. It was really funny and a little heartbreaking. The next section deals with Ricky Gervais, played by Mark Bellison, as he “invents lying” and changes his life completely. The third section of the movie turns into a humorous yet powerful commentary on religion and our society as a whole. All of these concepts were great, but because they were crammed in one movie it left me wanting more, not to mention the major loop-holes in the plot near the end.


The cast was completely cameos. I am fairly good at remembering actors names and other roles, so this movie was like a game for me. Academy Award winner Philip Seymour Hoffman played a bartender and probably had six lines in the entire film. Bellison and Jennifer Garner were very good in the lead roles. Bellison is always hilarious and Garner is slowly winning me over. I love to see her play an uptight, slightly anal character as opposed to a “I will kick your ass” character which jump started her career. Jonah Hill is always hilarious. I don’t know what it is about him, but when ever he is on the screen I burst out laughing.


Overall, I would recommend this movie for for rental only. Don’t waste your money seeing it in the theatres. It is entertaining but it drags on. I almost wish it didn’t come out in theatres, because I think with a little more work, it could have been a masterpiece. Bummer.


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