It’s begun.

Every year at this time, my life becomes consumed by one thing:  The OSCARS.  My love of movies peeks every year this time as the oscar race begins.  I follow predictions of nominations, rumors and speculation about the academy and I see the nominees to judge for myself.

My favorite magazine, Entertainment Weekly, puts out a list that becomes my commandments.  It is the 25 movies to see before Oscar Night.  I finally got this years issue and here is the list (in order).

Up in the Air
The Hurt Locker
Inglorious Bastards*
An Education
A Serious Man
The Messenger
Julie & Julia
A Single Man
Crazy Heart
The Blind Side
The Last Station
Star Trek*
District 9*
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Lovely Bones
(500) Days of Summer
It’s Complicated
The Young Victoria*
Bright Star
The Informant!*

So far, I have seen 7 (marked by *).  I am so behind.  Thank god FIT’s winter break is not over until the first week of February, so I can catch up a little bit.  Last year I broke my own record and saw 15 of the 25 movies.  This year I want to do better.  The list is more important than ever this year because the Academy has changed the rules again.  There will be 10 nominations for the category of Best Picture, instead of the previous 5.  That means 10 movies I must see.  The official nominations are being announced on February 2nd, but in the meantime, I am going with this list.

The Oscars will air on March 7th.  The host has not been announced, but veteran Billy Crystal is getting a lot of attention for the honor.  I have 2 months and 18 movies to go.  I need to go the theatre right now.

footnote:  If you want to see any of the above with me, let me know.  I love a fellow movie lover.


4 Responses

  1. Okay, so out of the ones you haven’t seen…

    -“Avatar” was fantastic, see it in 3D
    -“Julie and Julia” was good, but slowish
    -“It’s Complicated” was actually really funny, I liked it a lot
    -“Nine” was a disappointment, there’s not really a plot, but it’s pretty. I was impressed that Judi Dench, Penelope Cruiz, and Kate Hudson could sing as well as they did. Nicole Kidman’s voice is also nicer than in Moulin Rouge
    -“(500) Days of Summer” was kind of painfully indie, but because the actor’s were so good, they didn’t really need to try so hard. I liked it a lot.

    Hopefully that gives you an idea of where to start

    • Thanks Gabby! It does give me a place to start. Also, The Hurt Locker is high on my list.

  2. I’ve seen 4. damnit. anything you want to see together, i’ll do anything. i’ve seen precious, fantastic mr fox, its complicated, and 500 days of summer.
    my fingers are cold, i cant type now..tho i agree with Gabby above(or below, i don’t know how this will post) 500 days of summer wasn’t THAT great. it was one of those…omg its SOOOOO different, just bc its indie. it was only ok, and i hated the beginning. i thought it was a terrible start.
    oooucch i’ll movie it up later.

    • Um, I want to see Avatar this week. That is a must. 3D only. And I will probably hit up Blockbuster Express in the near future. Call me!

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