Why I love her.
May 7, 2010

Earlier this week Beyoncé released her latest video “Why Don’t You Love Me” off the deluxe version of I Am… Sasha Fierce.  It is amazing.  Beyoncé embrases the 1950’s pin-up/housewife theme and runs with it.  The video is shot beautifully and she looks amazing in every outfit.

My favorite look is her with all the eye make-up streaming down her face as she cries, smokes and drinks.  She looks flawless and the everything in the shot is working together.

In 2008, Ashanti released her most recent studio album The Declaration.  Her second single, “Good Good” did not do very well on the charts, but the music video has a simliar theme to Beyoncé’s new video.  Both have a 1950’s pin-up/housewife theme showing the artist doing chores around the house for their man.

Some people might see this connection and claim that Beyoncé stole this look from Ashanti.  I can see where people might think that, but Beyoncé took the same theme and gave it a purpose.  She made it look expensive and classy.  Beyoncé’s video could be a clip from a film, while Ashanti’s is nothing more than a music video.  Don’t get wrong, I enjoy Ashanti, but we all know Beyoncé is on another level.  Sorry, Ashanti.

Check out Beyoncé’s “Why Don’t You Love Me” and Ashanti’s “Good Good”  below.

footnote:  Only a true divacan stop a music video to dust her 16 Grammys.  All hail Beyoncé.


They got it right.
January 13, 2010

Last night George sent the Youtube link for Jay-Z’s music video “On To The Next One.” The video is absolutely amazing. I was not a fan of the song, but the video has made me do a complete 180. They got it right. The video is extremely contemporary and almost high-end.

While watching this video, It occurred to me that Hova, like his wife Beyonce, has had similarly themed music videos for their last albums. The majority of both artisits’ music videos have been black and white. Jay-Z’s videos have focused on flashing imagery while Beyonce’s videos have focused on her choreography with two back up dancers.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. My favorite music videos tend to be black and white. I hope everyone else enjoys this video as much as I did. The video’s dark tone is almost haunting but nevertheless captivating. I can’t look away.

Double Take.
August 10, 2009


Letoya Luckett released her new cover for her lastest solo album entitled Lady Love.  I think the album cover looks great and I am excited to see what she does with her sophomore album.


Letoya is a former member of Destiny’s Child and was kicked out/left the girl group and replaced with Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams  (Farrah left the group later).  As we all know, since the break-up of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has had a solo career that has broken records.  That being said, if I were Letoya, or any of the other Destiny’s Child alum for that matter,  I would do my best to seperate myself from Beyonce.  Letoya’s album cover reminded me of Beyonce’s album art of her latest CD I Am… Sasha Fierce.  That’s not good.

Turn the lights on!
July 10, 2009


Beyoncé released her latest video for “Sweet Dreams” off of the album I AM… Sasha Fierce.  I love it.  This is one of my favorite tracks off the album and has been since it leaked over a year ago as “Beautiful Nightmare.”  It is actually my most played song on my iTunes (don’t ask me why).

Sweet Dreams


I think this video does a great job of coordinating with the collection of videos Beyoncé has made for this album but also making it a little different. It is trippy and visual roller-coaster, but it matches the song.  I am mad that this video is NOT on Above and Beyoncé, her music video anthology released earlier this month.


Beyonce sweat dreams mirror

I like how the video goes from black and white to color.  It spices it up.  And I still love the two back-up dancers.  I like this more than “Ego” because we have other things going on.  Beyoncé’s look also changes a lot in the video, which is a needed change.



Beyoncé is really getting me right now.  Their are somethings I don’t love about the video, like the cheap looking backdrop in the opening dance number, or the strange outfit that she is wearing.  But for the most part, my girl is coming through for me.  I love her ending looking with the gold robotic corset and the golden finger-waves.  Shes gets me.  Even her little ‘crunk’ move during the chorus is the same move I’ve been doing doing to this song for a year.  She did it for me with this one.

I AM… still not over it.
June 26, 2009


On Monday night, I went to see Beyoncé’s I Am… Tour at Madison Square Garden.  I am sure you know, I am a huge Beyoncé fan.  I have seen her in concert five times.  This tour was by far her best yet. 

WARNING: Spoilers!


Beyoncé is always amazing live.  Because she is one of the few artists who actually sing for her entire two hour show, she doesn’t usually do it big with sets and props.  This tour was still pretty simple compare to the Britney Spears Circus Tour, but it went up a notch in production from the past tours.  The stage was set up as a traditional stage at one end of Madison Square Garden with a mini, diamond shaped stage in the middle of the audience on the floor. The entire backdrop was a massive screen which allowed for some great images to compliment songs, or an excellent live feed of the action on stage.

Some highlights of the show for me, were the intro, where she sang a second of “De-ja Vu”, went into “Crazy in Love” and was accompanied by her husband Jay-Z (who performed his own song “Give it to Me”).

beyonce in a wedding dress

My favorite song of Beyoncé’s new album is “Hello”, and the live version was phenomenal. Also her rendition of “Video Phone” was amazing.  She did not sing a bit of the song.  Instead, her and her male and female dancers did a provocative chair dance involving a live feed on a video phone projected on the screens around the stadium.


But the moment where I thought my knees would give out was when Beyoncé rose out of the floor and stood on stage in a long glitter dress and began singing the beginning of “Baby Boy”.  When the beat dropped she FLEW into the air with a never ending train of the dress following her into the sky.  Once she reached the top of the arena, the extra fabric fell and left her floating in the air in a beautiful sparkle mini-dress.  She proceed to fly over the crowd, doing flips and tricks like a Cirque-de-Soleil performer until she landed on the island in the middle of the crowd.  Video below (:30)


At this point Beyoncé has so many songs/singles that she can’t perform them all and still promote her newest album.  There were many songs I wanted to hear that I didn’t such as: “Ring The Alarm” and “Dangerously in Love.”  But she did do “At Last” and did a montage of the past March on Washington and the present inauguration of Barack Obama,


Therry Mugler’s costumes were out of control.  They really added a Vegas like element to the show.  Although some of the costumes were over the top, everything worked together.



Overall however, I was blown away.  I could keep writing, but if I do I am sure people won’t read this.  Just go by tickets if they are still avaliable in your city.  If not, buy the DVD.  I know I will.


It’s too big. It’s too wide.
May 22, 2009

Yesterday, Beyoncé released her new video for her latest single “Ego” off her album I Am…Sasha Fierece (Deluxe Edition). “Ego” is one of my favorite songs off the album. I had high hopes for this video, and now I have mixed emotions.

The first time I watched this video, I loved it. I always love black and white music videos. The choreograhy is great. It’s simple, sexy and very girl group inspired. The video also goes along with “Single Ladies (Put A RIng On It)” and “Diva.” Both in black and white and both with Beyoncé surrounded by two back up dancers on either side. I get it Bey. And I like it, but I wanted something more.


I would have loved to see a story line or some silent acting in this video. The remix that is hitting the radio is featuring Kanye West. It would have been fun to see them together in the video. Maybe a play on the “anything you can do i can do better” cliche? Just something fun. I am not opposed to the choreography and I love that the videos are a “collection” but I want Beyoncé to mix it up.


Once again Beyoncé is releasing a remix album and a music video anthology called Above and Beyoncé Video Collection and Dance Mixes. She did this previously for B’Day where she made a video virtually for every song on the album. This time around Beyoncé only has 7 videos on her anthology. 5 of these videos have already been released, so I am not too excited.

Above and Beyonce

Although I LOVE Bey, she has been playing people lately. If you are still interested, Above and Beyoncé will be available at Wal-Mart everywhere and J&R Music stores in New York City beginning June 16.

daily DIVA
May 21, 2009


Beyoncé Knowles

Keri goes HARD.
May 7, 2009

Last night, my dear friend and fellow violator Gladys, commonly know as Tiffany B, hooked me up with Keri Hilson‘s new album In A Perfect World. Keri is like the female Ne-Yo. She has been writing songs behind scenes for a minute, and now she’s taking the spotlight. I haven’t given any album reviews on my blog yet, but this is a good way to start.

In a perfect world

This is the perfect R&B summer album. I cannot stop listening to it. It is very well thought out, extremely well balanced and fresh. I have been waiting for this album since her first single “Energy” was released a year ago, in May 2008. I am really happy Keri waited and took her time. Keri kills it on the club bangers and shows off her seductive, laid vocals on her ballads. And to top it off, she’s gorgeous.


Now it is saying a lot if I am backing Keri after she came after my girl Beyonce in her “Turnin’ Me On (Remix)” featuring T-Pain and Lil Wayne. Keri tries to play people when she says:

Your vision cloudy if you think that you the best
You can dance, she can sing but need to move it to the.. (don’t do it em)
So need to go have some babies
She needs to sit down, she fading
Them other chicks ain’t even worth my time to talk about

I can’t even hate. That’s just real hood and smart. There is no better way to make a name for yourself then to come after the best. Get this album, you won’t regret it.

promo shot.2

footnote: Songs to listen to: “Knock You Down” ft. Kanye West & Ne-yo; “Get Your Money Up” ft. Keyshia Cole & Trina; “How Does It Feel”; “Intuition”

You know you’re a Diva when…
May 4, 2009

… you FIRE people on stage.

Check it out at the :45 mark.  God I love her.

My life makes sense again.
April 26, 2009


Vh1 is bring back there hit series Divas which I can’t really handle right now.  All I know is I am trying to get tickets.  Vh1 recently released a statement on there website saying,

The 2009 edition of the multi-artist presentation takes place at a perfect venue, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, on September 17. VH1 will air the show live. A new generation of participants will be on board, and performers, presenters, and special guests will be announced as they are confirmed.

But that’s not all. They want our input:

We’re also open to suggestions: feel free to make a list of the artists you’d like to see perform on the show, as well as cast your opinion on which two singers would make a perfect “Diva Duet.”


THE DIVA DUET IS THE BEST PART! I am sorry this blog is a lot of quotes, but I am kind of freaking out right now. Frankly, anyone of the women I have picked as daily DIVA (that can sing) I would love to have on the show. But here are my top choices.

  • Beyonce (duh)
  • Jill Scott
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Mary J. Blidge
  • Whitney Houston
  • Christina Aguleria
  • Grace Jones
  • Diana Ross…

This is not the end of the list… but I need to stop.


Click here to send in your request.