Turn the lights on!
July 10, 2009


Beyoncé released her latest video for “Sweet Dreams” off of the album I AM… Sasha Fierce.  I love it.  This is one of my favorite tracks off the album and has been since it leaked over a year ago as “Beautiful Nightmare.”  It is actually my most played song on my iTunes (don’t ask me why).

Sweet Dreams


I think this video does a great job of coordinating with the collection of videos Beyoncé has made for this album but also making it a little different. It is trippy and visual roller-coaster, but it matches the song.  I am mad that this video is NOT on Above and Beyoncé, her music video anthology released earlier this month.


Beyonce sweat dreams mirror

I like how the video goes from black and white to color.  It spices it up.  And I still love the two back-up dancers.  I like this more than “Ego” because we have other things going on.  Beyoncé’s look also changes a lot in the video, which is a needed change.



Beyoncé is really getting me right now.  Their are somethings I don’t love about the video, like the cheap looking backdrop in the opening dance number, or the strange outfit that she is wearing.  But for the most part, my girl is coming through for me.  I love her ending looking with the gold robotic corset and the golden finger-waves.  Shes gets me.  Even her little ‘crunk’ move during the chorus is the same move I’ve been doing doing to this song for a year.  She did it for me with this one.