Married… the sequel.
July 17, 2009

When I had the opportunity to take advantage of a free satellite dish while i was home a week ago, I finally watched Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? I loved it, and i do recommend that movie.  Jill Scott blew me away.  But this is not about that.


This is about the sequel.  Tyler Perry is making Why Did I Get Married Too? Filming has begun in Atlanta.  Most of the original cast is on board, including Janet Jackson.  Jill Scott is still rumored.  I hope she does it, it will not be the same without her.

Why did i get married too?

Why a sequel?  Tyler Perry recently told Black Voices:

“Because there is so much I want to say. There’s not another film that I have written that I felt like there’s more to say; and there’s more say in ‘Why Did I Get Married Too.”

I am excited for the sequel.  Usually they make me nervous, but if you think about, every Tyler Perry movie is basically a sequel to the prior.  I think it will be good, if Jill is involved.  The scheduled release date is April 2, 2010.

footnote:  Tyler Perry’s next flim is I Can Do Bad All By Myself and it will be released Septermber 11, 2009.  I have the DVD of Perry’s original play I Can Do Bad All By Myself and it is amazing.  I cannot with for the film adaptation.